PHR-1S Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester - PHR1S

PHR-1S Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester


PHR-1S portable superficial Rockwell hardness testers comply with the basic designing principles of Rockwell hardness testing in accordance with international standard ISO6508, American Standard ASTM E18 and ASTM E110. The hardness values can be read directly from the superficial Rockwell hardness testers after rapid and accurate operations. It can be considered as a non-destructive testing with very small indentations. This kind of testers can be used at site to test the finished or semi-finished work pieces piece by piece in batches. Superficial Rockwell hardness testers are mostly applied in the metal-processing enterprises.

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Category: Portable Hardness Testers

Manufacturer: TX Testing Instruments